Sunday, May 22, 2011

It has been a little while...

...because our own collections have to be filled too. The hands of a PieReneter just can't help creating. We're not unlike that god-dude (we do not dicriminate any religion or conviction) but we look better and are a bit less vindictive.

Pieter put his latest work ànd some work from a rich and deep past on the wellknown, notorious and totally renewed
The connaisseurs tend to dive for the mousebutton but just wait:
René wasn't able to do nothing either. And he tried so hard...
He put together a whole new blog (again? yes, again!): A world of tiny little thoughts
on which he regularly puts new cartoons.
Noone knows.
It is one of natures best kept mysteries.

New devellopments from the PieReneters themselves are on the way too.
And I'm not talking about Pieters attempts to try to shape his body into this Mattel actionfigure!

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